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California fire: Thousands evacuate as blaze threatens underground natural gas pipeline

Facebook's War Room Is Definitely Managing At Least One Crisis

Technologies Can Be Key in Helping to Reform Democracy
-- Daniel G. Newman for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Sickened Kingston coal ash workers claim company hid health risks, tampered with air monitors

Florida’s proposal to ban offshore drilling is back on the ballot

An Incurable Disease Is On The Rise In California, And Scientists Say Climate Change Could Cause It To Spread To Much Of The Western US

The 10 most important Senate elections, briefly explained

Social Security, food stamps, and other programs kept 44 million people out of poverty last year

Facebook’s election ‘war room’ takes aim at fake information

The Far-Right's Rampage in Portland

Mueller assembles team of cooperators in Russian probe

The ACA has helped, not hurt, the health care industry

Elizabeth Warren Linked DNA and Native American Heritage. Here's Why That’s So Damaging.

Democrats in Congress Are Going After the GOP for Trying to Cut Entitlements

The Confirmation of Kavanaugh Exemplifies Inequality in the US
-- T.D. Duff for BuzzFlash at Truthout

New York Governor Cuomo Should Not Play Politics With Black Maternal Health

Trump threatens to shut down southern border over migrant caravan

At Facebook, public funds join push to remove Zuckerberg as chairman

US moves to keep endangered species discussions secret

How Democrats Could Beat Back Voter Suppression at the Ballot Box

'I live in fear': under Trump, life for America's immigrants can change in a flash

Technology Access Gap Leaves Millions of Students Struggling to Keep Up

Ryan Zinke Fires Annoying Inspector General

Kamala Harris Updates Obama’s Winning Strategy for 2020

Flint Legionnaires’ Disease Survivors Speak Out: “Every Day Is a Challenge”

This Is the Exact Wrong Way to Cover the Rise of White Nationalism

It Looks Like Mueller May Have a November Surprise

Diversity Triumphs as Women Candidates Gain Ground in 2018

Please Stop Helping Mitch McConnell Lie About the Deficit

Pompeo: Saudis Didn't Want to Discuss 'Any of the Facts' in Khashoggi Disappearance

The Coverage of Elizabeth Warren's Heritage Has Been Completely Distressing

Black Senior Citizens in Georgia Ordered Off Bus Taking Them to Vote
Bus was chartered by Black Voters Matter.

We Already Have a Fascist in Congress
His name is Steve King.

Suburban White Women Abandon the GOP

What the Democratic Party Can Learn from Nevada Casino Workers, Cooks, and Housekeepers

New York Attorney General Expands Investigation Into Bogus Net Neutrality Comments

There Are More Kavanaughs and Scalias Pouring Into the Federal Courts By the Day

Simple Debate Question Stumps Ted Cruz Into 6 Seconds Of Painful Silence

Census Citizenship Question Lawsuits Move Toward Supreme Court Showdown

There’s Now an Online Option for Self-Managed Early Abortion Care in the United States

Feds open clergy abuse probe in Pennsylvania

U.S. downgrades its diplomatic mission to Palestinians

Trump’s Post-Midterm Plans: Cut Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid

The Proud Boys Have Revived Far-Right Gang Terror With GOP Support

Deep In The Desert, A Case Pits Immigration Crackdown Against Religious Freedom

Illinois Prisons Sued for Unconstitutional Ban on LGBTQ Literature

William Rivers Pitt | The Terrible Trump Portrait That Explains Everything

New Documents Bolster Case That Border Patrol Retaliated Against Humanitarian Group

FBI Whistleblower Was Motivated by Racism and Abuses

Follow the trek of Venezuelan migrants fleeing on foot

With Hurricanes and Toxic Algae, Florida Candidates Can’t Ignore the Environment

Lithium miners’ dispute reveals water worries in Chile’s Atacama desert

Black Voter Project Sues Tennessee Elections Board for Rejecting Thousands of Registrations

EPA Boasts Of Reduced Greenhouse Gases, Even As Trump Questions Climate Science

Big Tobacco Is Spending Millions to Defeat Obamacare at the Ballot Box

Private Medicaid Plans Receive Billions In Tax Dollars, With Little Oversight

What the Democratic Party Can Learn from Nevada Casino Workers, Cooks, and Housekeepers

Trump warns Mexico on migrant caravan, threatens to close border

Voter Turnout Could Hit 50-Year Record For Midterm Elections

Here’s Where the Post-Apocalyptic Water Wars Will Be Fought

Trump Is Planning A New Rule To Let Federal Contractors Fire Employees For Religious Reasons

Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan Makes Palestinians Disappear

Big Brother on Steroids: China's All-Encompassing "Social Credit" System
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Dahr Jamail | Energy Transfer Partners’ Security Team Sinks Water Protectors’ Boats

Media too quick to dismiss Trump/Alfa Bank server contact story

Trump, Pompeo defend Saudi rulers as administration strategy shifts in Khashoggi case

The deficit is rising, so Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare

Trump’s “Pocahontas” Mockery of Elizabeth Warren Is Racist. But It Also Reveals Something Profound About His Misogyny.

Trump's $110 Billion Saudi Arms Deal Doesn't Actually Exist

Canada has officially legalized marijuana for all adults

Mueller Ready to Deliver Key Findings in His Trump Probe, Sources Say

Inside The Poisonous British Fight Over Transgender Acceptance

Trump Repeatedly Lied to Real Estate Investors

Video shows Chicago cop shooting unarmed black autistic teen

Trump says he has 'natural instinct for science' when it comes to climate change

For Trump, defense of Saudi Arabia is another Helsinki moment

The Creepy "Singing" of This Antarctic Ice Shelf Is the Soundtrack of Your Nightmares