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Haiti's Prime Minister Resigns After Riots Over Fuel Price Hike

Iraq Declares State of Emergency Amid Ongoing Protests

Russian Meddling in US Midterms? More Fear Than Proof So Far

Suspected US Airstrike in Syria Kills at Least 54 People

Feinstein Gets Progressive Smackdown

Saudi Woman May Face Sex Charges, Jail for Hugging Pop Star

The Danger of Members-Only Unionism

Tennessee Plans to Restart Executions by Killing a Man With Mental Illness

Trump Labels the European Union a "Foe"

Israel in Turmoil Over Bill Allowing Jews and Arabs to Be Segregated

Lebanese Court of Appeals Rules Homosexuality Is Not a Crime

Afghan Civilian Deaths Hit Record High, Says UN

Chicago Police Officer Placed on Desk Duty After Fatal Shooting Sparks Protests